Friday, August 2, 2013

What a chance to be featured on Judith March's Instagram?

Want a chance to be featured on Judith March's Instagram showing off YOUR Judy style? Here is a guide how:

1. Use your personal style to really make it pop!
Pick out your favorite Judith March piece and display YOUR personal style with it! Boots, hats, heels, rings, statement pieces...whatever you love! We like to see our customers display their favorite Judy pieces in their own special way and share them with everyone. So the sky is the limit, get to stylin'!
 2. Picture selection is KEY:
Don't you hate it when someone uploads a super blurry or dark picture and you can barely  make out what it even is? Us too. So be sure to take a picture that everyone can clearly see and appreciate! We want to see your style so,....please let us! :)
3. Edit, Edit, & then Edit again: 
Ok, maybe don't edit it three times, but a well-edited picture is one that catches they eye and is pleasing to the senses. Crop, lighten, sharpen or filter your pics! Instagram provides filters to spruse up your image, but it you really want to take it to the next level look in to other awesome photo editing apps. Here are a few of our favorites: Picfx, Afterlight, PicStitch, Camera+, A Beautiful Mess, Hipstamatic.

4. And last but not least....

So get to snapping those awesome pics and upload them to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

We love you all and wish you a happy August!



Eccentrics Boutique said...

We LOVE Judith March at Eccentrics Boutique! We'll definitely continue to share images of our favorite Judith March outfits from the boutique. Thank you for creating beautiful clothes for our beautiful customers. <3

The Eccentrics Team

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