Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meet Some of Our Favorite Bloggers this Spring

We'd like to introduce some of the ladies who have inspired our styling trends, social media posts and  season favorites! These ladies come from different states, they work differing day-jobs, and have their own unique style, but they all share one commonality; impeccable style and an undying love for fashion! Which makes them perfect candidates for our favorite bloggers this spring. 

Hannah is a southern-California based working girl who started this blog as a creative outlet for all things she adores. Hannah contacted the Southern Fashion House team about collaborating, after running across our brand on a fashion blog. Her free, West-coast bohemian style add a little edge to our more classic styles. We look forward to seeing what she has in store for us this summer!

"I thrive off finding the best deals possible, and love to share them with my readers!" - Hannah

Visit her blog here >>  Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

 Probably Polka Dots // Nicole 
A middle school teacher by day, and blogger by night, this sweet southern gal is an Atlanta native, and has one of the most adorable blogs around town. Nicole was one of our first bloggers to work with collaboratively. We met Nicole via Instagram in 2013, and have enjoyed working with her ever since. Not only does she post about "swoon-worthy style," beauty tips and all things fashion, she also introduces her readers to fun new brands, restaurants and unique DIY projects/decorating. Nicole's southern roots and chic style make her one of her favorite fashion bloggers!

"I believe in monograms, the healing power of chocolate, 
fresh flowers in mint julep cups, Augusta National pimento cheese, 
& of course polka dots." 
Visit her blog >>  Probably Polka Dots 

Peeking Pines // Kendall
This fashionista and homemaker is all about having fun, and looking good while she does it. A fashion merchandising graduate, Kendall describes Peeking Pines as a lifestyle blog dedicated to sprucing up your nest, dress and plate. We love Kendall's originality and creative combinations {with fashion, cooking and home decor}. She brings, not only delicious meals, to the plate, but also DIY tutorials, sharing her sporty and fun style with her readers {she loves layering}, and teaching us about new brands and beauty products. And get this, she has her own line of hand-made jewelry. Fox+Fern can be purchased straight from her blog! 

"Inspired by our home, you will find simple, dainty pieces of jewelry that can make a sweet statement all of their own, or layer to 'wow.'" - Kendall {on Fox+Fern}

Visit her blog >> Peeking Pines

Courtney & Confetti // Courtney
This Texas gal's fashion sense is larger than the state of Texas! Courtney's collaboration of bright colors, fun prints and unique accessories make her one of our favorite fashion bloggers. Courtney began blogging as a way to utilize two things that she loves - outfit collaborating and shopping. Some of her favorite things include prints, summer colors and dresses! She named the blog after her first name {Courtney} and the way she chooses to live her life {Confetti}. 

"I believe that no matter where life takes you, you should live everyday throwing confetti!" - Courtney 
{We couldn't agree more!}

Visit her blog here >> Courtney and Confetti 

This multi tasking, professional, fashion loving, new mommy makes our list of favorite bloggers for her AMAZING shoe and handbag collection, her unfaltering dedication to bringing her readers versatile outfit combinations  and heart-melting pictures of her daughter {future fashionista}, Liv. Tara has a knack for dressing any outfit up or down. She started her blog in 2008 while planing her wedding. She has a fun, professional style all her own, and inspires us to think outside of the box when paring prints. 

"I am a southern-raised red head that loves putting together the perfect outfit, throwing fabulous party and taking pictures." - Tara

Visit her blog >> Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes

Southern Curls & Pearls // Caitlin
We ran across Caitlin's blog, Southern Curls & Pearls, via Pinterest. Her simple, classic looks embody the feminine chicness that Judith March strives for. A North Caroline native and UNC graduate, Caitlin spends her days working as a public relations strategist, while managing her adorable blog by night. Caitlin's love affair with fashion and use of timeless, easy-to wear pieces maker recreating her outfits super easy. Her love of bright colors, lace, great accessories, to-die-for hand bags and plenty of fun giveaways! She has a bubbly personality that is easy to see through her writing. She has a positive attitude, and always encourages her readers to live healthy and happy.  Her perfectly-sweet style has us head over heels for Southern Curls and Pearls!

Visit her blog  >> Southern Curls & Pearls

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Lovely Day for Office Visitors

This past week we were blessed with the opportunity to host the Troy University Marketing Club at the Southern Fashion House office. After a very informative tour by Troy alumna and our leading lady, Stephanie Carter, the group was able to see the ins and outs of running a fashion company. 

The neat thing about the visit was that Stephanie, a few years ago, was in these students position. Stephanie was a marketing major, and was given an assignment by one of her marketing professors, Dr. Garret, to make a business model to market; it was called Deja Vu

We hope this brings you a bit of encouragement and inspiration to your life and dreams!

Dream Big!


The marketing club meeting Mr. Loui. 

Future fashion designers & business owners? Anything is possible!

The whole group!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Layer Up for Spring

With warmer weather comes music festivals and outdoor concerts. So we're getting you prepared for both! Since the weather this year has decided to be a little wishy-washy we are thinking you'll need a great layer look to keep you both warm and chic.

Along with our styling tips we'd also like to share with you some of our favorite line ups this music season! Hope you enjoy and have a rocking' good time!

{Jacket: || Necklace: Etsy || Tank: JudithMarch || Clutch: || Shoes: Vans || Shorts: One Teaspoon }

Manchester, TN
June 12th-15th

Hangout Festival
Gulf Shores, AL
May 16th-18th

Sasquatch Festival 
George, WA
May 24th-27th

Shaky Knees 
Atlanta, GA
May 9th-11th

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Activities: DIY

Spring is quickly approaching and as the warm weather arrives we thought it would be a great time to get out doors and do some DIY projects. Here are a few of our favorites! We hope you'll be inspired to get out there and do it yourself!  
Happy Creating!

Team Judy

Project #1: Painted Votives

These adorable hand-painted votives are the easiest way to brighten your home or event this spring {not to mention they are super easy!}

Project #2: Sugar Scrub
5 cups white granulated sugar
1/3 cup organic coconut oil (melted)
1/3 cup organic jojoba oil
3 tsp extract (mint/orange/lemon/vanilla*/rosewater) (use 1/2 tsp per 1 cup sugar mixture)
a couple drops food coloring.
  1. In a large pot with a can protector (or what I did was put the rims of the cans on the bottom), place the cans at the bottom, and fill the pot until the water covers the jars. Heat to a simmer then remove to let dry. Turn off the heat and let the mental lids sit in the hot water while you fill the jars.
  2. Mix together white granulated sugar and both coconut and jojoba oils until evenly distributed.
  3. If you're making a big batch of 1 flavour, add 3 tsp whichever extract and food colouring and mix until incorporated. If you're making separate flavours, add 1/2 tsp extract per 1 cup of the mixture.
  4. Store in the sanitized, jars, packing the sugar tightly. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Project #3: DIY Instagram Magnets

Who doesn't love a great instagram photo? Well, here's a way you can creatively and easily display them in your home! Follow the link below to find instructions on how to make your own!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Neon Wallpaper


These are the hues we are dying for this season with our {one-of-a-kind} Judith March print, Neon Wallpaper! This print was inspired by some of our favorite tones including mint, chaurtruese and pink! We bumped up the saturation and can't wait to wear these styles to various events this spring and summer!

{ Dress: Judith March; Earrings: Deja Vu; Clutch: Kate Spade; Shoes:; Necklace: Lele Sadoughi}

Neon Wallpaper shift dress with crochet bell sleeve. Available at #JMRetailers now. 

Neon wallpaper ruffle maxi. Available at #JMRetailers now!