Thursday, August 8, 2013


It's that time again folks, Sorority recruitment season! Although it is sad that Summer is slowly winding down, we are ECSTATIC for what Fall has to bring; new freshman to campus!

Whether you are a returning sister or a soon-to-be sorority sister here are some great styles we think you'll love for every RUSH WEEK event!

Days 1 & 2 Open House/Welcoming Teas
This is a time to meet and greet with all of the sororities participating in recruitment week. It's a time for you to get to know each sorority and vice-versa. A sundress with a comfortable pair of flat sandals are acceptable for this casual event. Below are a few Judith March dresses we know you will love. Just remember to wear your BEST accessory; a smile:)

Days 3 & 4 Philanthropy Day
Learning about each sorority's philanthropy is at the heart of recruitment week. It is a time for hands-on projects with the sisters of sororities to prepar materials for their particular philanthropy. It is a casual time of hanging out and serving together. #Judy's Tanks and Tees are perfect for this day. Dress casual, comfortable and classy; and remember never forget that smile;)


Day 5-7: Skit Day/Preference Day
Skit day gives new girls the opportunity to see what each sorority is all about. What organizations they are involved with on campus, the personality of the sorority as a whole, events each sorority is involved with etc. You will attend parties of each sorority so dress the part. Be comfortable, but cute. Wear a nicer dress than the first few days. Be yourself and be intuitive. Make a choice that best fits you!


Day 7: Bid Day
It has finally arrived; the day you find out which sorority you will be a sister of! Most bid days take place outside, so dress weather appropriate. Since Rush week is usually in August/September it's still hot so dress cute, casual and comfy! And get excited to meet your future pledge sisters! 



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