Monday, November 18, 2013


Alysia "Ally" Whitehead
Senior @ Florida State University
Major: Retail Merchandising & Product Development
Hometown: Niceville, FL

1. What's your favorite thing about living on the Emerald Coast?  I like that it is laid back and relaxed yet so much to do, see, and experience; such as art shows, local bands and restaurants. 

2. Favorite Fall trend: For this Fall, my fav trend is oversized sweaters paired with jeggings and boots. 

3. What is one of the biggest things you've learned during your experience at Judith March? I’m so thankful for this internship…I have practiced many skills that I will continue to apply in my future career.  One of the biggest things I have learned is to embrace my creativity.  Creativity and hard work is a successful combination.  

4. Aly's favorite music: "Hmmm, I like all kinds of music.  My music choices depend on my mood.  Lately I have been listening to Miley's new album on repeat."

5. Aly's Favorite TV Show: "Anything 'reality related'... I find the dynamics funny."

6. How did you learn about Judith March? "Several years ago, I first experienced the Judith March collection when I visited a Seaside art show and discovered DejaVu at the Beach.  I fell in love with the designs and colorful prints.  The modern bohemian inspired clothing is feminine, fun and wearable.  A couple years later, I was excited to learn Judith March accepts interns…and the rest is history!"

7. How would you describe your personal style?  My personal style is bohemian because of the ethnically inspired fabric colors, prints and patterns.  I gravitate towards clothing that is free-spirited, effortless, feminine, and relaxed. 

8. What's your favorite part about your internship? My favorite part of my internship has definitely been the Judith March team combined with the diverse learning experience.   Since so much is done in-house I’ve learned something new each day!


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