Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The weather is colder. The sun rises earlier. The deer are out. It is officially hunting season in the South East, and Judith March wants you to be stylish no matter what you are doing. 

And for all of those women out there who may not necessarily go hunting, we know you want to know that you should just play along and dress like you are! Because who could resist rocking their favorite vest + boot combo! :D Happy Hunting!

"Love Me like you love deer season" top {Judith March}
Deer Season Survival Kit {}
Boots {Tory Burch}
"Love Me like you love deer season Koozie {}
Red & Black Checkered Vest {}

Small Side Note:
We are mildly OBSESSED with these Deer Season Survival kits! They are complete with all the outdoor essentials you will need! They are for sale at Deja Vu stores and online at for $19.99 -- they also make GREAT stocking suffers :) {Just throwing that out there}

Includes: Judith March Koozie, Hair Bangle, Bottle Opener, Ear Plugs, Off Wipes, Advil, Mini Toothbrush, Mouth Wash, Hand Warmers, Flash Light, Band Aids, & a special note from Stephanie with a chance to win a $100 Gift Card!


Anonymous said...

ugh I hope this was a joke.

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