Friday, August 17, 2012

Blog-Stagram Friday!

Lots of Judith March fans like lots of different Social Media outlets. In case you missed us on instagram, have no fear, we've brought the Instagrams here! 
First and foremost, there would be no Judith March without a little inspiration disaster every once and a while (*at least 3 times a week!)
We love getting crafty and making things - (Next photo from Google, but totally describes how we feel about handmade goodies)
We spend a little time making sure our sweet teeth are happy. Especially now more than EVER!
Colors = Happiness. It's true in 100 ways. 
Stephanie Carter and her team are on to something big! See smile below. 
Alright, now it's time to get cracking in the studio! 
Here goes nothing!
*P.S.* Big things are happening in Dallas today and tomorrow in booth 2-314! 
*P.S.S.* Even BIGGER things are happening in Vegas August 21st-23rd, in booth 74717! (See for yourself!)


Mindy Collier said...

Love it. Love JM and Deja!

Judith March said...

Thanks, Mindy! We heart you too!

Candi Jerkins said...

Amazing!!! Cannot wait to see what you (Stephanie) are up to this time!!! Your creative brain and beautiful designs inspire me!!!! xo!

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