Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivational Monday - Take #7!

Weekend Warriors! Here are a few things to keep our perspective high today: 
We all know deep down what we're meant to be doing. Committing to doing it is what makes the difference.
On the 'teal' note, YOLO (You Only Live Once). We all seem to forget this obvious fact of life (: 
Every now and then feeling a little down can remind you to climb even higher TOMORROW. 
Don't tell anyone what you're 'going to do'. Show them what you DID. 
Nature = Nurture. 
Surprise, you are the perfect combination for someone! 
Living a lifechanging life involves one course of action. TAKING RISKS. 
Above all... 
P.S. Be thankful... RAIN (See real-time office window photo below) or shine :) 


Jessica Wynn said...

It's dry here XD Hahahahaha, JM rocks - - I think I comment on almost every post! Have you been able to check out my blog? There are a lot of Judith March favorites. ThANk YOu for this post. I will share! :::LOVEJESS:::

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