Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July Seaside Parade 2012

July 4, 2012
The Seaside, FL, Annual Fourth of July parade represents local nonprofit organizations, charities, and businesses, all celebrating the freedom to enjoy our beautiful coastal community!

Beginning at 9:00 AM: The streets become saturated with a crew of bike riders, and children plugging their ears at the police sirens. 
(Keeping cool in camo!)
(I admit to gawking over the vintage cars of Alys Beach.)
 (A car-full of color and kiddies watching the festivities in amazement.)
 (A fun reminder to brush! You can never have too many, right?)
 (Sweet girls throwing sweet candy! The one on the left threw me a peppermint! *which by happenstance is my all-time favorite!)
 (Arrrrrrg you enjoying the parade yet?)
  (Rachel and Liza, of Dejavu, clearing the way for the firetruck in their mini golf cart. -- Their choice of Judith March navy strapless and crochet with an accented statement necklace was PERFECT!)
  (Christie, in Judith March Management with her two sons, Cayden, and Collin front and center!)
 (Amanda, in Dejavu Management, and her sister Megan repping Judith March strapless dresses in RED-WHITE-&-BLUE!)
 (The one and ONLY, Nick Patronis, bringing ELVIS to life, on the Dejavu firetruck!)
By 10:30 AM: The streets are nearly barren, minus a few street sweepers, and last minute candy collectors.
The seaside Fourth of July Parade gets 5 stars! See you there next year! 


Sarah Calloway said...

I was there! Dejavu was the cutest float, by far. Loved ya'll, as always :)

Judith March said...

Thank you! So glad you had fun!

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