Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For a Fashionable Fourth... read up!

First of all, we wish everyone a happy, hang out filled, Fourth! 
Especially today, we are thankful for our Freedom to enjoy America, in Red, White, and Blue! 
Showing your American pride is easiest in CoLoR* 

We've collected a few creatively pieced together looks from some of our favorite fashion blogs / magazines....  
Enjoy! ~
~Urging you to click this link~ Modern Eve has a great collection of Fourth looks, and links including Wendy's Lookbook and Fashion Salade!*
Easy/Bold fashion statement DIY tutorials! Rock em'! 
A more... mature meets glam American fashion. L-O-V-E!
Chealsea shares a few easy looks for the simplistic but spirited soul.
A site we are VERY familiar with :) displays a few navy and nautical inspired looks more-than-perfect for July 4th! These can be found in local Judith March retailers. *As seen in our 'Where to Buy' section on!* 
 Wishing you a happy and safe Fourth of July! 
~ JM Team


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