Friday, December 16, 2011

Photo Friday!!!

Here's a bit of a hodge podge of recent festivities / parties! More photos next week! AND we're working on a holiday playlist for our fans but still looking for suggestions --- Comment with your favorite Christmas songs and we'll work to get them on the list! 

Aaaaaaaaaaand ACTION! >>>>

We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind... 
Secret Garden Party, with a world full of whimsy... 
Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, they AIN'T no friends of mine! 
Warmin' up with mugs and hugs. Hello, pretty ladies of Judith March! 
Our playground - It's for adults too!
The beautiful freshwater pearls of Gemma Azan. Thanks, Gemma for bringing us the BEST eye candy a girl could ask for! Find more @:
Sighhhhh... Are you suuuuuure the saying is "Diamonds" are a girl's best friend... Not PEARLS? 
Pearls, it is! 
Little pops of RED for an office potluck party! If you thought we did birthdays right, you should've been here Tuesday afternoon for the awesome ornament exchange. AKA - "ornament steal from eachother game".
Just a small 'taste' of the amazing smorgasbord laid out before us. 
Munching and mingling with friends who just so happen to be coworkers too! 
Fashion Designer - Megan Crane, and THE Robin Short. 
Father / Daughter duo - Steve and Stephanie Nichols... 
A little highlight to the normal office guests, was Mel's son, Gus! 
>> Finishing off with a pretty peek of Alexis's aztec, open back! <<


Anonymous said...

LOVE it. You guys are an amazing team. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love the song, "Last Christmas" - by Wham :) Could you put that on the list?

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the aztec print?

Judith March said...

Thank you! Definitely, Last Christmas is a GO! Not sure on where to buy Alexis's dress, but we have some adorable Judith March Aztec prints coming this spring -- Be on the lookout!

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