Monday, December 19, 2011

For the most angelic packaging this Christmas, try some of these cute ideas!

We found these inspirational ideas to occupy your idle hands this holiday season, AND while you're going green using recycled goods, sleep better knowing you've saved a buck or two by not buying into the traditional 'must-have' Christmas wrapping paper of our ancestors (which of whom we ALWAYS appreciate learning from)!
Let the eye candy ensue: 

For a quick pick me up - string a cute couple of mini ornaments on some organic twine for a pop of color meets nature! 
Another easy peezy swingin' string idea, is using personalized letters as an element of design. They may be tough to cut at the right angle, but when you're using a festive patterned paper, guess who's going to notice... Yep, that's right! NO ONE! :)
Symmetrical snowflakes, we learned in grade school... but that doesn't mean we can't use them today!  
 Doily shaped stamps on cardstock and hung with thread. So simple, yet adds an intricate touch to the everyday gifting. 
"Love is under the tree!" Whether you're in love or not, you have to recognize this sweet 'etching on the tree', way to announce your love to one another. It's a classic! ~For gift-giving, this look melts our hearts~
 Feathers: the ultimate sweet, light, and heavenly, cinch of nature. We love the pairing of this modern, clean design, mixed with the rough, organic look of the dark dotted feather. 
 Quick / Easy / AWESOME. Throw on a patterned piece of paper underneath your ribbon or twine, for that little extra 'look at me' factor.
 Uh-May-Zing. All natural. All uber simple. Tools - recycled textured paper, hole punch, hemp or twine and a liiiiiiitle bit of patience.

 For a super luxurious look, cover an everyday box in fake flowers or petals and wrap with a contrasting satin bow! 
Consider using ALL the colors of the rainbow, tied across alternating sized boxes. 
 The possibilities of confetti? Well, they're endless... 
 Fabric wrapped, A personal favorite, and cost efficient, might I add! (Try using sewn together scraps of different patterns, and textures for a full blown boho look)
 The ever-classic gift... WINE. We'll let you decide exactly how appropriate this sock idea is... or isn't! 
With only 6 days, until Christmas, we hope we've inspired your DIY spirit juuuust enough to keep that creative juice 'a 'flowin', and those piles of gifts a' growin'! 


Anonymous said...

As cute as it is, I might get a little freaked out if someone handed me a sock in a bottle! L-O-L-ING!

Judith March said...

Haha, teal argyle for the win!

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