Monday, July 25, 2011

Suprise, Party Time!

"Farewell" - The word brings to heart the old bittersweet feeling, more often than not. To our super summer 2011 interns, impossible is nothing, and we've enjoyed the positive energy and effort throughout the last few months.  

Lets review Thursday afternoon's par-tay, in photo form. 

 (If you're feeling on the fence, about whether this food was delicious or not, I'll go ahead and tell you IT WAS... VERY!)

 Icecream cones = happiness. 

Cute kisses! 

 Kelly, girl, are you still working...? Phew.

We were able to snap a few shots of the girls in their new favorite JM dresses before they left, and share copies of the photos with them! 

We will miss you ALL! 
- Judith March Girls - 


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