Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miracle Strip, Behind the Scenes!

We can't WAIT to show you the gorgeous modeling shots from local photographer, Dawn Anderson! Until then, peep a few 'behind the scenes'! 
Eating lolipops and candy apples, was a little perk the girls were able to enjoy while testing out a few of the most daring rides...

These soft flowing dresses from our fall line will have you *hanging on the edge* for more! 

The girls gear up in Gameday for a few scenes!

Another photographer, Amy, and myself, were able to 'shadow shoot' Dawn climbing ladders and laying on the ground to get the perfect shot! 

Susie and Brittany prep for the Judith March team office group photo! 

Our dedicated hair stylist, Lisa Waldrop (Owner of Sky Blu Salon, on 30A)was head of makeup and hair for the entire day! 

Owner/Designer, Stephanie Nichols, picked out her favorite holiday dress, 524d-2!

Kelly and Erin assisted the photoshoot enduring maximum heat throughout the day. Way to stay positive, girls!

Stephanie, photographing Alexis, photographing Stephanie! *Cute*

Fearlessly, Megan Crane waits first in line for "The Scrambler!"

Megan and Stephanie on board and whipping hair!

Dawn snaps a few shots of Megan and Steph, from a distance. 

This group office photo, goes to show... We LOVE having a good time! 
Melissa Craig on my right, seemed skiddish for a moment or two. As cameras started flashing, she snuck in a couple vogue looks!

Our help, staying out of the heat!

Hang on, Alexis! It's almost over!

*There she goes!*

Making the rounds! (Megan in front*)

Megan, in flight!

Another Megan, in flight... and in style!

Stephanie, Megan, and Sheree packed in as much fun as possible!

Alexis jumping in for a few photos! Loving the excitement. 

Hipstamatics are always great! These are from Stephanie's personal phone. She said on the last shot 
***Why can't I kick my foot up on the top of the scrambler? ***


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