Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree Crazeeeee

To those of you who are not officially in the Holiday spirit, allow us to encourage, persuade and maybe even inspire you to embrace the most wonderful time of year! With that said, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite Christmas tree ideas this year! Whether your living room is ginormous or miniature, we have something for everyone! 

Take a look at some of our favorite yule-tide Christmas trees and decorations:

Christmas Judy

These little beauties from to you straight from the Judith March headquarters. They are wooden Judith March ornaments that we hope will bring you a little bit of southern comfort this season. They are available for purchase at one of our wonderful #JMRetailers. To find one near you Click HERE !

Tiny Dancer Ornament

Hold me close tiny dancer....what could be more perfect! These wooden ornaments are sparkly and glittery so they will for sure make your tree POP with light and christmas glee! They can also be purchased through one of our #JMRetailers. 

The Minimalist Tree

When we say "minimal" we mean it in every sense of the word. Minimal supplies. Minimal space. Minimal budget. There's one aspect of this tree that isn't minimal; Its Beauty! 

The Classic {hipster} Tree

Some of you may recognize this ornately decorated tree as one from your childhood. Tinsel. Stringed popcorn. And {our favorite} the vintage toys under the tree. Of course, for the hipsters reading this post, it is yet another perfect photo opp to be captured, filtered and uploaded to all forms of social media {this will no doubt be me}.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This one is also for the minimalist at heart. It's simple. It's classic. It's perfect for those who want a little adventure this Winter. Not only will this Christmas tree bring seasonal cheer to your home. We are also certain your trip {into the candy cane forest; where else} will gift you with life-long memories of that one time you went to the forest and cut down your carefully selected Holiday tree. It will still need to be watered on a daily basis, since it did come from 

The Lazy Christmas Tree

We don't think this tree needs anymore explanation. 

 The Bookie Tree

This tree is perfect for bringing the perfect amount of Holiday cheer to dorm rooms across the nation. Since finals week is usually right before winter break and students come back to new classes, new teachers and new books --- they can festively recycle their text books.... {Just kidding}. But this is a clever way to reuse some of your {not so favorite} books. :D


nomzam said...

I just love the idea's and creativity of your mind. Very nice post. Xmas is now over but I can try these ideas somewhere else :) Can buy for something else.
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