Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Senior @ Auburn University
Major: Apparel Merchandising

Olivia wearing some of our favorite Fall styles!
Fun Facts

1. Olivia's favorite fashion trends this Fall are combat boots and layering

2. Olivia grew up vacationing on the Emerald Coast, and shopped at Deja Vu the first year it opened. That is how she found out about Judith March.            

3. Olivia's favorite part about living in Santa Rosa Beach this semester is the "sand and the sun."

4. The Great Gatsby is one of Olivia's all-time-favorite books!

5. Breaking Bad & Downton Abbey are just a few of Olivia's favorite T.V shows.

6. Favorite thing to do: play with her Japanese Chin puppy, Gizmo, play around on Photoshop and photography. 

7. This past Summer, Olivia had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy through Auburn University's College of Human Science. "I loved it! My favorite place I traveled was probably the Island of Capri."

Since arriving here a week ago, Olivia has 100% embraced the team work and culture of Team Judy. She has done everything from helping out with Customer service to assisting us create one-of-a-kind decorations for our upcoming VIP event for SOWAL Fashion Week, in October. 

Olivia's great work ethic and outgoing, sweet disposition has been nothing but a joyous addition to the office atmosphere. We look forward to seeing what else is in store for Olivia these next couple of months!


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