Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This week's intern spotlight is a special edition! Everyone meet Kayla, our virtual intern, all the way from North Carolina!
Kayla-Anne Alderson
Senior @ UNC Chapel Hill 
Major: Advertising Specialization
Hometown: Oak Ridge, NC

Malley, Kayla's black lab, is her favorite!
Fun Facts

1. Kayla's favorite Fall trends this year are leopard, leather and layering!

2. Kayla heard about Judith March from on of her good friend from high school--"She was the first person to spark my JM obsession!"

3. ABC's, Nashville, is Kayla's most recent obsession this Fall--"The new season premiers TONIGHT, EeeeKKK!"

4. Kayla's favorite places away from home are Clearwater, FL & Charleston, SC.

5. The newly single Liam Hemsworth is Kayla's celebrity crush!

6. Dream Job: "To be Sara Weeks' partner in crime and working with the Southern Fashion House's marketing & advertising team! 

We are SO excited to have Kayla work with Team Judy, even though she isn't in house. Her creativity, hard work, enthusiasm and passion for her job make her such a valuable and appreciated intern! We love you Kayla and we hope to meet you in real life SOON! 

Hope every has a wonderful day


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