Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Summer to Fall Transitional Looks

Us: Remember when you bought that adorable Summer dress in May that you just couldn't wait to wear?

You: Yes; I'm still obsessed with it!

Us: Well, are you excited about wearing it in September, October and November?!

You: I'm not like you and live in a subtropical climate where I can wear shorts and tanks year round!

Us: No, no, no we have a better idea!!

You: You do?!

Us: Tune in for our style guide to turning your favorite Summer & Spring Judith March styles into Fall Fashion Statements!

Keep an eye out for the Fall Fashion Guide COMING SOON! 

As for now here are a few behind-the-scene pics from today's shoot!

We can't wait to show you!
Team Judy

Photographer Carrie showing off her picture-taking skillz!
Sales rep, Amy, modeling for the day! Getting accessorized! 


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when will these be posted!

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