Friday, April 19, 2013

Who, What, When, Where, and Why? Judith March - Spring and Summer 2013

Okay, so this blog post is here to answer a couple of life or death questions we know you all have relating to your spring and summer 2013 wardrobe... Allllright, it's not reeeeeaaaaally life or death, but it sure can feel like it!

Over the few glorious months of warm weather, chances are high you'll find yourself strolling on the beach, basking in the summer sun, shopping in your favorite boutique, or picnicking under the giant shady tree with your loved ones.

Here are a few of our favorite NEW Judith March looks and HOW, WHEN, and WHERE you could wear them!
Get your stroll on in one of our favorite strapless seersuckers of the season! You, DEAR, will look your BEST in the form fitted cinched waist and flared skirt combo! 
Feeling like ROYAL(ty) has never been soooooooo easy. We love this color trend and have the most feminine ways to wear it! Try this beautifully detailed swirl flower pinstripe skirt with a simple tank and bold bubble necklace! 
Did we mention we love ROYAL? Oh, we did? Okay... Just making sure! Here's a style you can lounge around in AND go out on those romantic dinner and wine evening dates. 
If you know anything about anything Judith March, you know that we LOVE floral appliqu├ęs. To bring this fun, free spirited style down to earth, we've paired these pretty paisleys with a smooth ruffled strapless bodice. Wear this style, ANYWHERE. Seriously. It feels as smooth and comfortable as your favorite pajamas, and the best part is, it's SO FLATTERING! 
Anchors away! Check out this close up detail of the anchor on this nautical striped strapless frock! Look close, and you'll see tiny beadwork hand sewn in rows atop the anchor. This style is perfect for those 'close-to-the-coast' states! (And for anyone who loves anchors!)
One more inspiring dress for the day. This pattern below, Posey De Fluer, was personally recolored by our in house fashion and textile designer with YOU in mind! With these positive, uplifting colors, you're sure smile throughout your day and be reminded of the bright hues and spirits of spring! 
A little personal touch is added to each of our custom Judith March dresses! Whether it's searching for vintage textile inspiration, designing a never before seen fabric print, choosing new fabric qualities for the coming season, or simply coming up with catchy phrases for new tee-shirt designs, each member of Judith March has so much to offer! We love putting our heads together and making it happen for our amazing fans each week. 
Looking forward to sharing brand NEW styles VERY soon! In the meantime... Shop at one of our retailers, online or in store. CLICK HERE for a list of local boutiques near you!
XO- The Judith March Girls (and Guy!)


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