Wednesday, December 12, 2012


At Judith March we are THRILLED to be able to be around the inspiring staff at Balance Health Studio on a weekly basis! As a group, we participate in Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday workouts before lunch. Yes, we said BEFORE lunch. This absolutely gives us permission to eat whatever on earth we want to eat. Just kidding... ;) Special thanks to the team at Balance for continually encouraging our staff to LIVE WELL. 
Although we can't exactly do this pose, or anything remotely close to it... We are learning to take care of our bodies and minds for a happier, healthier TEAM Judith.  Stay tuned for a few fun workout photos and real life experiences from our staff! 
 Kelly Precourt
 Great team! 
Our group getting pumped with the original Kelly (2nd to left)! We've also been privileged to work out with another Kelly --- Kelly Ritch, who has a different, fun approach to working out! 

We're looking forward to another fun week of new learning experiences and humor along the way! 


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