Monday, November 12, 2012

Holy Turf on Judith March Gameday!

Gameday is in full swing! Keep up with your favorite teams on Not only do they report on sports, but from time to time they ALSO report on fan fashions! You can stay up to date on games and take advantage of their "Weekly Feature" including up-to-the-minute news! 

See you in the stands! 


bamagal2 said...

Thank you for your unique and always stylish designs. It wouldn't be GameDay for me in T-town without Judith March! Our friends and family can't wait to see the new dresses every year. Please keep making them, and I will keep buying them...Roll Tide!!!

Jennifer K
Mobile, AL

Judith March said...

Thank you so much for your comment! If it weren't for the support of our fans who style Judith March SO well we could never stay afloat! Your comment made our day at Judith March!

Thank you from all of girls of JM (and one guy*)!

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