Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Shoppers Be Prepared!

Heading to bed or heading to shop instead...? 
Here are a few informative facts along with personal tips from our Judith March fans! 
  • According to, nearly 135 million people shop Black Friday each year. (which basically means, those prone to claustrophobia, stay INdoors at all costs!)
  • Both online and in store Black Friday shopping is made EASY thanks to, a site dedicated to the sole purpose of organizing Black Friday sale ads into easy to find links. The site even has community message boards for questions and tips posting. 
  • For the last 3 years, Black Friday, alone, has scored 15-20 billion dollars in revenue. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday is actually NOT the biggest shopping day of the season. The Saturday before Christmas IS, however. 
 Judith March Fans Black Friday Tips...
    • List your shopping goals and locations by importance for more efficiency. Find your local Judith March retailer on our "Where to Buy" section of
    • Compare ads & online sales.
    • Team up with friends and family to nail the big discounts simultaneously.  
    • Speaking of 'team', keep an eye out for TEAM colors and perfect accessories for the fans in the stands! 
    •  Bring a calculator.
    • Wear comfortable loose clothing and tennis shoes. 
    • Wear your "side bag" or "across the shoulder bag" for more aerodynamics.
    • Stay positive.  
    • Look for great discounts on household items -- that last ALL year! 
 Be prepared to be in a fast moving crowd. Look out for any signs of danger. Safety is more important than any discount.
    • & most importantly, eat a healthy breakfast and... bring snacks!

* Comment with any other tips, tricks or sales info! *
Let the shopping begin... 
3...2...1... GO!!! 


Sandra Greenly said...

Great tips, but you left out the one about trying not to spend over $500.00! Hahaa

Anonymous said...

Where can I can I buy every single Judith March Dress?

Judith March said...

Hey Sandra -- Hope you were able to keep your spending limit to a budget... If not... Better luck next time! Haha

To purchase Judith March, check out our retailer section of to find a retailer near you!

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