Monday, October 15, 2012

Motivational Monday {Take No. 11!}

Happy Monday to all of our readers ~  We had a great week last week at Atlanta Apparel and want to give a quick shout out to everyone who was able to make it! Thanks for all of the compliments on the newest line of tee shirts and tanks! It was great to have everyone in the booth, and as always, we are looking forward to the next Atlanta Apparel! 
Here's a little boost for those of you waking up with a 'case of the Mondays'... It's a Ferris Bueller kind of day. You Only Live Once!
 You can't change anyone's negative actions, but you can change how you react to their actions! 
 Planning out your day... 
 Simply :) 
You will love your life when you live for what you love! 
 Do something today to set yourself up for tomorrow... 

Today is a unique gift.


Linda Greenwood said...

Hahaha, printin out this Beuller picture for my office wall

Anonymous said...

very cute love them all

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