Friday, September 28, 2012

House in Rosemary Beach ~ Behind the Scenes Photography

See tons of cute 'behind the scene' shots below from yesterday's PHENOMENAL photoshoot of Judith March owner/designer, Stephanie Carter. The bohemian meets sultry shoot was directed by photographer and notable 'local celebrity', Dawn Chapman Whitty! Visit  to view her rustic, moment-inspired photography. Special thanks to the Comer's of Rosemary Beach for letting us run wild in their incredibly dreamy yet perfectly livable home. The pleasure was all ours! 
Reflections of Stephanie Carter.
 Fountain in the courtyard. 
Interesting book, too inciting not to flip through... A photo documentary of a texture, pattern, and color guru/interior designer, titled 'David Hicks', a Life of Design. MORE ON DAVID...
 Feeling fun and free in the baby blue and white accented stone gypsy nook. 
Another shot from inside the 'reading room'. A perfectly comfortable and peaceful place to be.
This statue rests on a few interesting reads in the curved hallway, leading upstairs. 

Stephanie laughs and leans back in a free-spirited moment. Being playful is one of the many ways of loosening up to reveal her true personality. Minutes after this photo, Stephanie flaps her arms and hoots like the 'owl' she says she feels like while sitting on the wooden table. 
The inside is clean with inviting textures and complementary colors.
Another courtyard view. To the left of this shot is the inside coved gypsy nook, and to the right is a clear gated pool. 
The guest bedroom is a perfect vacationing indonesian pattern haven with bold royal blues and velvet fuchsia accents. 
Life blossoms on the rustic wooden table with a floating butterfly in its mason jar of a home. 
Bringing even more life to the home, water flows outside the back cobblestone and rich green grass walkway.
Two assistants, Sara and Katie pose for a quick shot in what we call the 'gypsy' nook. 
With the winding hallways and perfectly dynamic rooms of the house, we couldn't take enough photos to truly showcase the whole 'kit-and-kaboodle'. Now it's a waiting game until we get the photos back from DAWN CHAPMAN WHITTY. We can only imagine the beauty SHE was able to capture in the house! 


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