Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Atlanta Apparel. As ALWAYS, a great show!

As always, the Judith March team is thankful to not only be a part, but to play a unique roll in Atlanta Apparel at America's Mart! We had the joy of attending the June show, last week, and debuting our gameday 2012 lineup. Along with the newest styles, presented in Atlanta, the JM design team let creative fireworks loose, and decked out booth 2-400 from top to bottom, earning the best in show booth award! Thank you, America's Mart! 
Enjoy a few snapshots of the event below... And know that we are thrilled more than ever, for the start of the season! Get your team colors on, with Judith March! 

Owner/Designer Stephanie Nichols, at the finale of the Thursday night fashion show in Atlanta. She's wearing our brand new navy gameday Tshirt, and orange and navy sequin skirt! (Navy shirt - Style No. 718T-3 *Words on shirt will be orange* Skirt - 675SK-1)

Navy Shift Dress with Circular Sleeves and Crochet Accent - 713D-3 (This style will soon be available for viewing online*)

Yellow and Purple Diamond Zig Zag Stripe Off the Shoulder - 699D-2 (This style will soon be available for viewing online*)
Black and White Houndstooth Skirt with Crochet- #655SK-4

To our retailers: See you at the next fashion show! To our fans: Let us know what you think about our gameday lineup so far! You're in for a treat with dozens of unseen styles on the way to a boutique near you this fall! 
~ The Judith March Team

(LATER EDIT *We have to share these awesome shots, one of our PR Representatives got at the show!)
Sequin Top With Twisted Back- Style #712T-4
Wild Horses One Shoulder- #331D-23 

Navy with Red Letters Tshirt- #718T-8, Red Sequin Skirt- #675SK-3
*Above photo: Our VERY OWN Judith March Public Relations Representative, Anna Garrot, shared her musical talents with us, in a preshow performance, song!
 Orange and Navy Crochet Skirt- #708SK-1
 Black Strapless with Red Sequin Bow- #340D-6
 Crimson Off the Shoulder V-Neck with Elephant Embroidery -#679D-1
Red and Gray Diamond Zig Zag Off the Shoulder- #699D-1
Gold Sequin Top- #698T-4, Aztec Shorts- #651S-2
Houndstooth Strapless with Large Bow- #435D-11
Gray T-Shirt with Red Letters- #718T-1, Red and Cream Sequin Skirt- #675SK-2
Tribal Sunset with Suede Beaded Cuffs- #677D-1
Coral Tank with Shoulder Tie- #628T-4, Blue Tweed Skirt with Embroidered Chevron- #661SK-1
Black T-shirt with Red Letters- #718T-4, Red Sequin Skirt- #675SK-3
Black and White Houndstooth Skirt with Crochet- #655SK-4
Cream Tank with Shoulder Tie- #628T-2, Blue Tweed Shorts with Embroidered Bird- #677S-1
Purple One Shoulder with Flower- #437D-9
Purple Strapless with Gold Bow- #340D-8
Purple T-Shirt with White Letters- #718T-7 
Black Long Sleeve Scoop Neck with Jaquard Panel- #686D-2
Kelly Green Shoulder Tie Tank- #628T-5
Tobasco Off the Shoulder with Embroidery- #692D-1
Montego Navajo Diamond Chiffon with Short Underskirt- #633D-5
Camel One Shoulder with Bow- #611T-1, Brown and Black Stripe- #617S-6
Tribal Stripe with Skirt Underneath- #633D-1

The models looked amazing, and wore the dresses to a tee! Great show, Atlanta Apparel! 


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Looking good. I would pretty much buy all of these.

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