Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the scene with Flat Stanley!

A typical day at Judith March. The sky is blue. The birds are chirping. Packages are coming in, and packages are going out. One small package, separate from the rest, caught our eye in a special way. The sweet niece of Stephanie Nichols, sent us a kind request to be a part of her school project. Her name is Caroline, and here is her letter...
Along with the letter, was a folded, flat, mini-man, wearing a yellow collared shirt and a green polka dot tie. Flat Stanley it is! 
And so the journey began. Throughout the day, at the Judith March studios, Stanley made his rounds, getting to know the staff, and finding excitement around every bend! See for yourself, Stanley's experience through 'a day in the life' of Judith March! 
Stanley discovers, where we share our store info, lookbooks, and history, with the world!
Stanley meets the staff, and decides to team up on getting work done at the studio! 
Stanley feeds Judith(the fish), first priority of the day!
Stanley gets a little caught up in the sewing room... This is where the design and sewing team create from start to finish, our sample designs! 
Stanley helps pack up dresses and get them ready for shipping, in our warehouse! Hang on, Stanley, great photo opp! 
Once the UPS delivery truck arrives, Stanley generously assists Buddy to send out the latest Judith March styles to dozens of boutiques! 
Stanley is proud to be a part of the team! 
Time for a little R and R with his new friend, Camryn, on the office swing! 
*All in a day's work, you two!*

Special thanks, again, to Caroline for sending us Stanley, and letting us share our story with you both! We wish you the best of luck, and excitement on the journeys ahead! 


Anonymous said...

What a cute little guy, with great style! Interested to see where he will go next ~ Carry Langford

Judith March said...

He sure was a handful... ;)

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