Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charlston Magazine - Print Heaven!

Charleston Magazine's March Issue brings to life the ULTIMATE print party, featuring Judith March's Navy and Cream Striped Scarf! *See below* These daring mix and match duos, are more 'do-able' than meets the eye. Take for example, the pairing of the soft vertical pinstriped button up, against the thick, bold striped scarf, on the left model. Soft colors play well with the loud colors. Tiny prints play well with large prints! So go crazy pairing up the prints in our Spring 2012 line of scarves! Judith March's Navy and Cream Striped Scarf with Wooden Beads is sold at Willy Jay's boutique in Charleston, South Carolina!

*Puppy Not for sale! *We apologize for any inconvenience!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Judith March (Stephanie and the gang!) Walton County is SO proud of everything you all have done!

Anonymous said...

Nooooo, >_< heartbroken... Was hoping to buy the puppy! ;) Cute post!
I love Judith March,
Jessica Winston

Anonymous said...

The scarf is a must!

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