Friday, January 27, 2012

Made In the Deep South = Heaven on Earth...

While prepping for the upcoming show, Atlanta Apparel, we considered options for glamming up our models on the runway... Feast your eyes upon this intricate array of tarnished treasures, created by Michela, of MADE in the Deep South.  The attention to detail and perfect juxtaposition of leather, texture, color, and shapes, is seriously, out of this WORLD! What a sweet treat to be able to adorn our models in our own Judith March, never before seen Spring line, and MADE in the Deep South, one of a kind, vintage jewels! 
Atlanta Apparel... Here we come!!! 


It's Official said...

Oh my gosh -- the jewelry is phenomenal!! Can't wait to see pictures from the event!! Have a great weekend. XO

Judith March said...

Thanks a TON! --- The look and feel goes great with JM, so we will continue to showcase MADE in the Deep South!!! As far as photos go, oh, don't worry, we'll getcha covered!!! :)

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