Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey, Mr. DJ, put a record on, *while we get decked out for our group photos!

Gearing up for our office 'holiday photos', we couldn't help but to notice spectacular little moments worth sharing with our fans... These include but are not limited to the following: (* ENJOY!!!)

*Sales Manager - Mel, added elements of frayed fabric flowers, and twisted maroon threads to her hott hippie headpiece. 

*Again - Mel, from head to toe, in gorgeous vintage textiles and color combos. 

*Owner / Designer - Stephanie Nichols, enjoying the perfect sunny day, before the shoot. 

*A snippet from Stephanie's beautiful Jade Urban Outfitters purchased record player - There's just something nostalgic about handwritten script* 
*One of my personal favorite looks, designer Amy Riley rocks the ultimate 'Peace, Love, and Happiness' diva status with no reservations! <3
What's your take on vintage, today? Share your ideas with us in comments on this blog post or FACEBOOK. 
(Stay up to date for our surprise GROUP PHOTO post coming soon!!!)


Anonymous said...

I love these looks sooooo much! Being from CALI, I'd say your fashion is right up our alley, no rhyming intended ;) Thanks for sharing **** JM is AWESOME!!! ****

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