Friday, September 9, 2011

Grandparent's Day at Point Washington!

On the way out the door to her son, Fox's school's 'Grandparent's Appreciation Day', we caught owner/designer, Stephanie Nichols decked out in the Judith March brown Afghan belt, one of our most unique pieces to our Fall 2011 Collection! Multicolored crochet patterns seem to match almost any look, varying from Fall bell sleeved empire waist dresses and skirts, to Steph's pick of natural cream lacey crocheted shorts with a bold, cobalt blue button up. 
Pictured below, are Stephanie and Fox's greeting at the luncheon.
The playfully sweet decor, created by the Schubert's, included mini 'Grandpeople' cookie pops, and grandparent inspired words and sayings. This table topper reads, --The simplest toy... One which ever a child can operate... is called a Grandparent--
To kickstart 'Grandparent's Appreciation Day' at the school, the children rounded up in circles of song and dance, and boy did they dance. 

Above, is Fox, pictured with Stephanie, Grandma Judy, and Grandpa Steve. 
What a GREAT turn out with dozens of Grandparents, parents, and siblings involved! 
Thank you, Point Washington staff members for all of your efforts, and support to thank some of the most important people in Fox's and Stephanie's life! 


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