Monday, August 15, 2011

Calzatura Fall 2011 Lookbook

Owner of Calzatura Boutique, in Gainsville, Florida, Elizabeth Schmidt, has put together this stunning lookbook. Hope you are eye-candy-ready for this one... 

Calzatura's definitely rocking great taste, talent, and team spirit!!! 


elizabeth s. said...

Love the feature!! Judith March is such an amazing brand for young college girls!! Thanks for supplying amazing dresses!



Judith March said...

It's great to know that others get as excited as we do about fashion, and fun! - Thank you, Elizabeth!!!
- JM

Anna Moore said...

What great dresses! My favorite thing about the Judith March line is the outstanding material. These are not cheaply made dresses, yet are still affordable!

Judith March said...

We agree. Material is so important. When you're looking good and feeling good, that is a winning combination!!!
- JM

Life as Leah said...

Just became a new follower, love that the Fall colors are still bright, but season-appropriate!

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