Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photobooth 'How To' - Judith March Versatile Collars

Change your look, instantly, with Judith March Versatile Collars! 

Step 1: Pick your favorite Judith March keyhole dress. Step 2: Pick a few of your favorite Versatile Collars. Step 3: Slide your chosen collar into the keyhole. Step 4: Tie a cute little bow! Step 5: Switch your collar, wherever, whenever, for a new look! 
With the keyhole dress and collar selections, the possibilities are practically ENDLESS! 
CLICK HERE to see our Versatile Collar selection!
CLICK HERE to see our Versatile dresses in our Summer collection! 


Andy said...

dress is perfect & looks sexy

Judith March said...

Thank you, Andy! We sure do appreciate that!

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