Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fall, Holiday, and Gameday 2011... Video in the Making!

Tasia and Megan 7:30 makeup session* Going for the 'holiday' look, we used eco tools soft tip brushes, a full Coastal Scents pallet in warm tone, and created a smokey eye, with soft lips look for the fall and gameday collections. Later, we added on glassy red lips for ultimate drama in the holiday collection shoot! 

 Overboard is optimal when it comes to accessory choices... See below...*

 Getting our functional / feng shui scene ready for the video. A friend of mine created the word feng-shuinal (pronounced fung-shwen-al) in honor of the two words combined. Fitting!*
And... ACTION! In these next few shots, Megan is showcasing Fall and two of our never before seen gameday dresses!*

Converses... Seriously, TRY IT!*
Susie, in production, and Amy, in design, direct and record the shoot*

Interns Megan and Sara help prep garments and organize accessories!*
Great back view of one of our 'hit' gameday dresses in navy and orange!*

Peace out!!! And as for the video goes, it's debuting on Vimeo, tomorrow, so readers... Check back ASAP! 


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