Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekday celebrating! --- Can we do this more often?

Anyone lucky enough to pop in the studios this week has been pleasantly surprised with the following events: Amy Riley's, bridal shower and Melissa Craig's birthday! 

Our staff put together a gourmet lunch including the following dishes: pimento cheese wraps - compliments of chef Anna, chocolate delight - compliments of chef Amanda, pound cake - compliments of chef Judith (yes, THE Judith! ), pretzels and  dip variety - compliments of chef Megan, and chocolate cupcakes - compliments of chef Suzie(Did I mention these were filled with juicy cherrys and topped with chocolate icing? Just throwing that out there)! **among many other awesome dishes! 
Here's the low down in photo format : 

 Congratulations, Amy and John! We are all so happy for you, and wish you the very best for years to come!
 L to R: (Staff Group)Anna Garrot, Melissa Craig, Brittany Hubbard, Megan Chafin, Amy Riley, Alexis Miller, Fantasia McDaniel, Megan Crane, Susie Myers, Amanda Thomas
... And Happy Birthday, Melissa! 
Way to keep our freezer full of sweets for days! 


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