Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's my party! Complete with a smoking cat.

The inside of the card reads: Aw, *heck, I got nine lives... I can spare to loose a few. --- It's your birthday, do stuff you shouldn't do.  - and I did. 

Judith March Graphic Designer, Tasia McDaniel, (me) celebrated her 24th birthday on Friday afternoon.   It's safe to say that all of my 'favorites' were present that afternoon. Those being: Pizza by the Sea, birthday cake, awesome company, diet coke, and little Louie, Stephanie's teeny tiny havanese puppy, who was slick enough to get a hold of a mouth full of cheese topping from a leftout piece of pizza! 
Thanks, girls, for the partayyyy! - <3 Tasia


It's Official said...

I just recently discovered your site and am now so obsessed!! I love all the dresses! I featured it on my site to share with my followers. xo!


Judith March said...

Thank you, cute post! Those are all great pieces!

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