Thursday, April 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes Video Shoot!

For our up and coming video, we will be showcasing new styles as seen at the Atlanta show, just last week! Here are some behind the scenes photos of our model, Megan, getting creative with dozens of dresses and 'looks' for the remainding spring months, as well as the up and coming gameday and fall lines. *Video will be posted soon!*

High five for fashion, friends, fun, and Judith March finally venturing out into the realm of videography! 


Grae said...

Ok. how do I go about getting that green jacket in the top photo???
TOoo Cute!!! Gotta have it!!

Judith March said...

Hi Grae! This jacket along with other styles in these photos are part of our 'Coming Soon' collection. Check back this fall to see this jacket in production. Once it is on our website,, in our 'Immediates' section, that means it is finally in stock, here at our studios. Then you can use our 'Where to Buy' feature on our website to purchase this jacket at a local boutique.

We are so glad you love it!
All the best - JM

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