Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fall | 2011 | Changing Room Official Video

We've created for you a 'show and tell' video with the styles we've all come to love at Judith March in the last few months. Here you will see our FALL | 2011 | Changing Room Video, directed by Amy Riley, assisted by Megan Calidonna, and modeled by Megan Chafin. While dancing to Belle and Sebastian, one of our favorite indie bands, Megan shimmies, shakes a lil', and decks out HER version of the Judith March line. 

What can be created with a single dress is more than meets the eye. Give Megan the vintage detailed belts, the variations on casual keds vs. high class wedges / boots, and the perfect wide brimmed summer hat, and the possibilities are endless. 


Share your comments with us. Like these combos? What would you add?
*These styles can be found at a boutique, near you! Click Here for details!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Every dress is so cute on her!!

Judith March said...

Thanks so much! Our styles feature very slimming details such as cinched waistlines, racerbacks, and accented ruffles/bows. You can check out most of our current line for purchase at www.shopdejavu.com!

Noheli said...

I am so excited for the new line! Everything looks so great!

Judith March said...

We are so excited that YOU'RE excited! Hope you can pick up some of your favorite looks and treat yourself to one of our dresses soon!

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