Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behind Closed Doors

Inspiration floods our hallways. On racks, on shelves, on floors, from wall to wall, our studio is alive with custom prints and exclusive fabrics. Not only have we outgrown our initial office space, but we've managed to bring in new, creative, staff members with great ideas and most of all, passion. I believe we are all passionate to be a part of Judith March, and we make it our mission to ALWAYS 'find a way'.  When you believe in yourself, there is always a way. 

No matter what season we're designing for, we're looking for the newest 'way' to make a mark on fashion. Following trends is easy. Following trends is seeing it once, then twice, then approving it. That is not what we aim for.  As a fresh line, Judith March is here to stand out. If for no other purpose, wear a dress that you feel special in.  How many times do you look through your closet and see that same look your best friend wears?  What differentiates you from the crowd can can be more than wearing the same 'look' in a different way. Why not wear a whole new look, a whole new cut of dress that catches your eye right off the bat.  Look for our latest inspirations, and see our take on the latest 'trend watch' of Spring / Fall 2011. 
For those of you local to the area, take a peek at the 'hot off the press' Coastal Lifestyle magazine cover, where one of our favorite Spring 2011 crochet strapless styles is featured. 
*Styled by Fashion Editor, Jules Wiseman*

Oh yeah, and here are a few snippets from all around the studio! 

Like they say, "This is where the magic happens!"


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