Friday, March 18, 2011

We've snapped a few snap shots of our move.

Stephanie Nichols office space, wait for our next post for an updated photo... You WONT want to miss!!! 

Our hallways wrap around in a real life labyrinth maze. This kitchen and another walkway act as shortcuts from office to office. 
In our garage, our dedicated painting crew is breaking a sweat. Keep it up!!! 

In the new entranceway, our staff will be welcoming guests, taking calls, and 'holding the fort down'. 
Updated Garage: Shipments, shipments, shipments, we are READY for YOU!!!!

This move has been more exciting than anything. Yes, chaotic, Yes, exhausting, but mostly... Very, very, exciting! We are so thankful to have this new, incredible facility! More photos coming soon (as always).


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