Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catching up with Judith March

Hi everyone! There have been a few events lately at Judith March worth making a note of.  
For one, on the brink of the Christmas holidays, the girls of Judith March got together a fantastic gift for our beloved owner/designer, Stephanie Nichols! 
Here she is, opening her new Limited Edition Rolling Stones Collector's Edition, which includes 8 CDs, and a 360 page book, According to the Rolling Stones
Merry Christmas, Stephanie! 

Another important day that has just passed, is our designer, Megan Crane's birthday! We had a great lunch catered from Tortugas, and a few special guests on Thursday to celebrate.
Megan and her mom share a love for design and a great work ethic! 

Looking forward to more fun, and not to mention more GREAT dresses to come in the next few months! Stay tuned! 


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