Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Working 9-5, including overtime!

Some of us in the staff had a late night last night. A quick explanation as to why - - - boxes, ladders, fabric, clothes, graphics! In short... Insanity!

See for yourself.
Megan taking a dive into a box of dresses ^

Stephanie... How you got in this position, I don't know! But as long as you're still working...
Coming up with a new image for Judith March 9-5! (Coming soon!)

Nontheless, another day is upon us and work needs to be done! It's a good thing we are all passionate and willing to do what it takes to get GREAT clothing to all of you. You are all worth every minute! :]
*****Special shout out to Lil Jess, Maria, and the girls... They've had little sleep and came in early today. Thank you!

Judith introduces the JM collection.


krissy rock said...

Thank you!! We are looking forward to our shipment from y'all this week here at McAuley's Boutique!!


Judith March said...

You're welcome! Thank YOU!

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